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Transforming the hair industry through science & technology

The Shift

Transforming lives & transforming the culture

CVM Worldwide

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"As a Black woman engineer and Georgia Tech grad, Candace is using technology to revolutionize the $3 billion African-American hair care market. First up, Myavana, a mobile app that's a concierge for Black hair care, connecting clients with expert guidance and stylists, while encouraging community through photo sharing and tips."
— 2016 Recognition for Retail & E-Commerce

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My Journey

As a computer scientist and visionary entrepreneur, I have an eye for innovation and aim to transform the world through the power of technology. I've accomplished a lot, but in many ways feel that I'm just getting started.
About Me
2006 - 2011

Georgia Tech

Received my B.S. in Computer Science, specializing in Media & People, while being a leader on campus for the African-American Student Union and ANAK Society.
2011 - 2012

PepsiCo, Inc.

Worked my first corporate job in IT as a Data Analyst & Project Manager for PepsiCo, Inc., an organization I chose after being inspired by its then Fortune 500 minority woman chairperson and CEO Indra Nooyi.
2012 - Present

Techturized, Inc.

Started my first tech company to transform the hair industry through science & technology, releasing consumer brand MYAVANA, a web & mobile personalized hair care platform catered to women of color.
2017 - Present

The Shift

After 3 1/2 years of burnout from entrepreneurship, I took a sabbatical and started a spiritual journey where God shifted every area of my life so that I could move forward in a better way withou forsaking my dreams. I detailed my experiences in my first book, The Shift, which is now my ministry to transform lives & transform the culture for God's glory.
2018 - Present

CVM Worldwide

I took my many years of business expertise and started a consulting firm to help entrepreneurs execute with the right strategy and subject matter experts. We now offer business development, technology development, program development, economic development, and leadership development.
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My Impact

"After several years into a “successful” IT career, I was left with a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction not only with work but with myself and life in general. I was led to read Candace’s book The Shift. It was such a good read that I had to read it twice, and was life-changing to say the least. My eyes were opened to how fulfillment comes from within and is directly tied to your purpose."
Dana Blades
Founder & CEO of INtv
"I am officially a PhD Candidate!!!! My proposal went great! I felt so comfortable and confident presenting, got great feedback from my committee and colleagues! Today was great and wanted to send this praise report to also thank you for your help and role in helping me get through this milestone in my program!."
Maya Carrasquillo
Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering
"Candace has been just phenomenal with getting me started and providing me with direction for my new business. So many things I could not have done without her, especially establishing a website. She listened to me, interviewed me, and was the COMPLETE VISIONARY I NEEDED."
Eric James
Founder, Touch A Life Academy
"Candace is amazing at what she does. She is genuine and very upfront. Getting spiritual guidance from her truly blessed my life and helped to build a better me. She was very attentive, understanding, and supportive. Candace was able to tune in to every detail as it pertained to our journey together. My eyes were opened up to so much more and helped in bringing increase and many blessings to myself and my family."
Amanda Booker
Founder of Pebbles of Knowledge Learning Services

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