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My World



My first company is Techturized Inc., a beauty technology company base in Atlanta, GA. We created Myavana, a personalized hair care service to disrupt the hair care industry.


FemTech Nation was created to further my mission to advance women both personally and professionally through my experiences, successes, lessons learned and resources.


I released my first book titled, The Shift - a self-reflection on my entrepreneurial journey from a spiritual perspective to serve as a guide on how to transform your life and manifest your dreams.


Rise In Your Purpose

There are two important questions that guide a person's life: Who am I? and Why am I here? Before I became an entrepreneur, I entered a season of deep reflection of my purpose in life. This led me to confidently step out on faith to become an entrepreneur. Every pivotal decision in our lives can be guided by the inner compass of purpose because it will lead you in the direction of accomplishing God's perfect will for your life which is the reason why you are here on Earth. Join me in making the shift to rise in your purpose which leads to massive success, more than we can ever imagine.


The Shift

I just released my first book which details my entrepreneurial journey and the 7 shifts that everyone must make to experience the abundance that will transform your life and manifest your dreams. We are all on the quest of being the best that we can be. The Shift will help you navigate through life's challenges and spark an inner transformation to live your best life.


Succeed Against All Odds

As a black, female entrepreneur in the tech industry, I've had my share of hurdles and hardships that have made the entrepreneurial journey incredibly difficult. However, I'm a firm believer that with God all things are possible and we can move mountains through faith, tenacity, perseverance, and strategy. Head on over to my blog as I dissect the battles that I've faced to extract the lessons learned to make your journey easier.


FemTech Nation

Throughout the course of my career, I've had several women in tech and aspirational startup sisters who have reached out to me for guidance and support. I've felt called to share my knowledge, insights, and resources to help other women in tech succeed in their careers, with their businesses, and in life period. Head on over to my new community and coaching program, FemTech Nation!


Let's Connect

I'm excited to connect with you in the areas of entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, and personal development! Please click below to get the conversation started :)