7 Shifts To Endure The Entrepreneurship Journey


ftentimes, when we talk about succeeding as an entrepreneur, we talk about the funding, the team, the strategy, the product. But what about…...you? Rarely do we talk about the personal growth that takes place along the way and the mindset that it takes to endure the entrepreneurship journey. As a founder who is 11 ½ years in the game, I’ve had my share of successes and I’ve had my share of failures. My journey has been very difficult but I will say that the one thing that has allowed me to persevere is making these shifts in every area of life along the way:

  1. Personal shift - become more self-aware to identify and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, as well any blocks that prevent you from doing your job effectively. Throw away the self-doubt and identify every time you begin to doubt yourself to eliminate those thoughts going forward. Focus on building on your strengths, hire in your areas of weakness, and believe in yourself no matter what.
  2. Professional shift - gain the courage to commit 100% to your goals and dreams, even if it means stepping out on faith when the time is right and quitting a job if it’s no longer in alignment with the vision for your life. Ensure you prepare financially beforehand, treating your passions/endeavors as your “2nd shift” after your 9-5 while using your salary to fund it. Then, when the revenue or funding trajectory presents itself - take the leap!
  3. Mental shift - develop a spirit of determination when it comes to going through failures knowing that there is a valuable lesson that will come out of it. I had to pivot my product and business model over 5 times in order to get to sustainable revenue growth. The best way to navigate this is with strong mentors and advisors, as well as resilience through it all.
  4. Emotional shift - identify the source of your feelings whenever the emotions are rocky, facing anxiety and depression when things get tough, to begin healing from the real issues. Most anxiety is caused by pressure, so eliminate the pressure. Be transparent with others about where you need help. Most depression is caused by wishing the present circumstance were different, or taking on self-blame when things don’t go right. Have someone that you can be transparent with to talk these things through and consider investing in a therapist or spiritual advisor. Remember, every day is a brand new start so you don’t have to fall into a slump. Dust yourself off and try again! (thanks Aaliyah)
  5. Financial shift - don’t rely on funding to run your business. You should solely focus on customers and revenue, and understand that the real value of money is using it as a resource to accomplish a well-defined milestone that will spark revenue growth. It’s also way easier to get investors when you already have a working, growing business model or a promising growth trajectory :) they will flock to you!
  6. Relational shift - protect your inner circle and only cultivate relationships with people who support you and your growth. There is no room for negativity by any means. And if someone doesn’t support you or brings negative energy, they should exit stage left.
  7. Spiritual shift - always pray and do not worry. Remain fearless and bold knowing that with God, all things are possible. Start your mornings with devotional time to reflect on God’s promises, His assignment for your day, and begin the day with a victorious spirit.

I remember one night as I was going to sleep when I felt like all hope was lost, I asked God to just show me a sign that I’m on the right path. The next day I was contacted by Forbes requesting my date of birth which later confirmed my selection for the Forbes 30 Under 30 List as one of the top innovators in the country transforming industries worldwide. Yes this journey is hard but you never know when your breakthrough is right around the corner. It’s all about perspective, knowing that slow and steady does win the race and when you think your world is over you could actually be 3 feet from gold.

So, always remember -

  • Stay positive.
  • Face failure with resilience.
  • Greet challenges with perseverance.
  • Don’t struggle silently.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Build your courage to be bold.
  • Pray and don't worry.

Because the entrepreneur that succeeds is the one who never gives up.

Read more about my journey and how to make the shift in your life to manifest your dreams in my first book titled, The Shift, available on Amazon.com

Watch the video when I first gave this talk EnrichHer's Kickoff Event, a groundbreaking movement to unite founders and funders who share a vision for sustainable women-led ventures. I was excited because it was the first time I was requested to speak about the topic of mindset and "the shift" instead of your typical business topic. This has been my focus lately because I've found that success is all in the mind and there are different shifts you can make to unlock more abundance and purpose in your life. Here's the video clip!