Transforming minority-owned businesses through a 3-M model: management education, money, markets
Jul 10, 2017


Sponsored by JP Morgan Chase, Ascend Atlanta is a small business support ecosystem for minority and women owned companies. My passion for entrepreneurship led me to serve as Program Manager starting with the program’s launch in 2017. My consulting firm, CVM Worldwide, leads the program design, development, and execution with the ultimate goal of helping entrepreneurs build long-term sustainability. In partnership with ACE, Village Micro Fund, and Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative, our mission is to rebuild, restore, and rethink the path to business success for Entrepreneurs of Color. The program provides management education, access to capital, access to markets, and community building through alumni circles with local experts. We have impacted over 112 small businesses, created and sustained 282 jobs, achieved $12,930,260 revenue increase, and over $4.5M capital raised.


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