It all started when...

I decided to quit my job, leaving Corporate America and going into full-time entrepreneurship. I didn't see the full picture or have all the details, I just knew my next step - entering a startup accelerator based at Georgia Tech called Flashpoint. Risky? Yes. Scary? Definitely. But I decided to face the fear and do it anyway. I knew my purpose was on the line. I knew that I was answering my calling. And that's what it truly takes to live a fearless life - saying yes to your purpose, by faith, every single day. 

There are many things that get in the way of truly being ready to take the next step and it surely doesn't happen overnight. I received signs for over 6 months that led me to the critical crossroads of starting my company, embracing all of my passions and talents in computer science and hair care, and being willing to trust myself to pack up my entire apartment and drive almost 800 miles and 12 hours to never look back to my old life and embrace this new territory of entrepreneurship. 

Were the odds against me? Yes. Are there still challenges that I face every day? Definitely. But despite this, the universe has unfolded in the most unexpected ways granting me favor, opportunities, and accomplishments that I never before imagined back when I was sitting in my cubicle at my former job. My hopes for you are to also take that bold step in your life, against all odds, and see your dreams manifest in real life. Are you ready to take that journey with me? It takes a village to achieve the impossible. And time waits for no one! Let's live fearlessly. Order your copy of THE SHIFT today!


So essential for growth.

“I love this! Shifting in all of these areas is so essential for growth!”

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Such a blessing!

“This book was such a blessing I need to re-read!”

— @nurse_barrett

Pearls of wisdom.

“Your pearls of wisdom are always so, so timely. Thank you.”

— @ms_mellany


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