The Harvest Time Visionary Coaching Group

A 7 week live group coaching program where you will receive guidance and a blueprint to Birth Your Dreams & Visions in Business

If God has placed a dream or vision on your heart that you have been waiting on for years to come to fruition and you’re ready for it to manifest now, IT’S HARVEST TIME!

If you need clarity, direction, encouragement, inspiration, a blueprint, a model to follow, then this visionary coaching group will provide the environment and accountability you need to accelerate the process of bringing what’s in your heart to fruition in reality.

I have built a global business and now I’m planting businesses globally starting in Africa. I’m training up hundreds of entrepreneurs to transform a life of poverty into generational wealth by tapping into the natural resources of the Motherland and the mental resources of knowledge, innovation, and creativity. If you’re ready to get into business and build anywhere online or offline, join me in this mission. 

Harvest Time is a live group coaching course created by Candace V. Mitchell to train and equip entrepreneurs personally and professionally to start, launch, and grow their businesses. It includes 50 video lessons, weekly coaching calls, weekly office hours, and connections to open doors for your entrepreneurial endeavors. Get ready to be inspired, grow your business, and change your life forever by confidently walking in your purpose.


  • Gaining The Courage To Start - 6 video lessons on how to take that first step

  • Getting From Idea To Startup - 8 video lessons on how to get your idea launched into the market

  • Growing From Startup To Established Business - 11 video lessons ranging from market testing, creating your business model, partnerships, how to scale, etc. to establish longevity and sustainability for your business

  • Pitching & Fundraising - 6 video lessons on how to best pitch your company to raise money and what funding sources are best to explore

  • Personal Development - 19 video lessons on how to evolve personally to manage the demands and stresses of startup entrepreneurship including how to practice self-care and maintain good mental health

    We will follow a proven framework that Candace has created and followed to thrive and endure her entrepreneurial journey, establishing multiple businesses and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs along the way.

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You will gain access to:

  • Weekly training with Candace: Dedicated coaching to guide you and awaken your greatness. We will meet for 1 hour every week to help accelerate the path of you reaching your goal. It will be a forum for you to ask your questions and receive guidance instantly

  • Custom Guidebook: Outlined to document your takeaways and design the blueprint to EXECUTE your dreams and visions

  • 50 video lessons across the following categories: Gaining The Courage To Start, Getting From Idea to Startup, Growing From Startup to Established Business, Funding Your Ideas and Passions, and Personal Development

  • Access to Candace’s network and resources that will help you achieve your personal goals


Join Me!

Secure your spot in this limited access group that will accelerate your path to bringing your dreams and visions to fruition with me as your personal guide. This live group coaching course will begin on Monday, August 5th and is currently being offered at an introductory price of $497 for 7 weeks of coaching and material. Enroll today to secure your spot! I look forward to being on this journey together.