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L A U R E N  S e r o y e r

CARE Closet

Candace Mitchell coached my 16 year old daughter, Lauren Seroyer to prepare her for the inaugural “Spark Prize – Gwinnett” pitch competition sponsored by the United Way of Atlanta. With less than a month to prepare, the contestants had to develop a five minute pitch that identified a problem, explained a solution, and addressed the finance, sustainability, measurement, and scalability plans for the proposed solution.

During our session, Ms. Mitchell was very focused, intentional, and specific when directing Lauren. Her advice was customized to fit Lauren’s specific needs as she was able to very quickly identify and make her aware of her strengths and weaknesses while teaching her how to use them to her advantage. For example, she noticed that Lauren was nervous and gave her specific tips to help overcome that while on stage.

This highly personable instructional style allowed Lauren to reflect on her progress and tweak her pitch to ensure that she was addressing the pointers that Ms. Mitchell provided. We were amazed by how effectively Ms. Mitchell was able to get Lauren to “drill down” to the “meat” of her presentation to ensure that all of the required pitch requirements were addressed while simultaneously ensuring that Lauren’s personality and passion came still came through during the pitch.

As a result of Candace Mitchell’s highly effective instructional techniques, Lauren was able to successfully pitch her idea to a panel of 5 judges during a shark-tank style competition and bring home the grand prize of $25,000 as the ONLY teen contestant! After winning the competition, Lauren Seroyer shared the following: “I really feel like the tips that Ms. Candace gave me helped me learn how to present the information in a way that made me feel comfortable. Her techniques helped me just ‘let it flow’ while I was on stage!”

I would strongly recommend Candace Mitchell to anyone that needs any type of presentation assistance. Because if she can effectively prepare a nervous 16-year old girl to successfully pitch an idea in front of a panel of judges and a theatre full of people, she can do it for ANYONE!

C I N D Y   S A M O H T

Men's Fashion Stylist & Brand Consultant

When I learned about how successful Candace had been in pitch competitions, I just knew I needed her help! Our virtual session not only helped reinforce what I learned about giving a pitch, but she also taught me her secret method of winning a pitch competition. She reviewed my deck and went through it slide by slide, giving me vital tips on how to make it the absolute best. One day after our session I entered my first mock pitch competition and won. I’m grateful for her coaching and will definitely continue to work with her as I meet with investors and raise funding for my startup. Thanks Candace!


S h a r n e c e  H o l m e s

Walker's Legacy Prospectus Business Accelerator

My coaching session with Candace helped me discover the tools I needed to deliver an effective and comprehensive pitch. Her strategies for navigating panel questions and crafting an impactful pitch, gave me the confidence I needed continue pitching.


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