It's time to SHIFT into a new season of walking in your divine purpose


Are you ready for a new season of joy and fulfillment through serving others and impacting the world? I was in that space about 6 years ago sitting in my cubicle at work and knowing that I was called to do more in my life. I spent the next several months discovering my purpose and it prepared me to make the courageous decision to step out on faith and become an entrepreneur. That divine moment led to a new chapter of opportunities and experiences that I only dreamed of. It put me on stages and on TV screens to impact people in ways that I've never imagined....

Making the decision to go higher in your purpose is a holy moment of transition, the beautiful undoing of who you were that will lead to your unleashing...

And now, it's YOUR TIME. We've been called for such a time as this. 

Your higher self is calling. The voice of the divine is whispering a new strategy. It's time to activate the untapped potential within and SOAR higher in your vision and purpose. It's time to move into your next level of fulfillment, promise and freedom. It's time to move into an authentic life of wholeness and infinite spiritual confidence.

But first it requires a SHIFT from unworthiness to confidence, from shrinking in timidity and fear to courage and BOLD action. Are you ready to EMBRACE your evolution? I was READY to be all that God created me to be.

How great would it be to be GUIDED into your appointed transformation? That made all the difference for me and it's something that I personally want to share with you . I went through a 12 month purification and preparation period that prepared me for my promise. It prepared me to go higher in my anointing and prepare my platform of purpose and service. It's called:


Join the Queendom Academy - a 12 month program that follows a divinely inspired, easy to follow monthly curriculum course of sacred studies, sacred soul work, sacred self-care, and sisterhood calls designed to usher in your breakthrough to walking in your divine purpose. 

  • Learn how our adversity becomes our advancement, how the obstacle becomes the opportunity

  • Benefit from transformative wellness, purpose activation and spiritual growth practice

  • Work with mentors who are experienced in various areas of building 7 figure businesses, leadership coaching, inner healing, and creative strategy

  • Gain access to a matchless learning curriculum anchored by the power of scripture, science, business strategy, ancient beauty secrets and advanced mindset transformation tools

  • Find the strength to unbind yourself and find the courage to reclaim the crown of your calling

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You've cried, you've cleared, you've questioned, but NOW you KNOW it's your time to RISE and now your have the RESOURCES to support you!

It's time, to bridge the gap between what you've desired and what you've settled for. It's time to silence the voices in your head that punish and diminish. It's time for PURPOSE, for your sacred assignment.

It's time you reap the harvest that you planted in the fertile grounds by faith, and watered with your tears. It's time to come out of hiding...

It's time to pick yourself up, to give yourself permission to SOAR and live with the freedom that only a woman whose been through the Divine refiner's fire can embody.

It's time to RESURRECT your Queendom and flow in your anointing. You may have been hiding in the background telling yourself you have nothing to offer, that you should just fade away...

Yet that ancient wisdom in you whispers, still holding on, still pressing forward in the darkness...Telling you to soar above the ashes of a former life.

The world is waiting on you to make your unleash the sound of your voice. You can turn suffering into salvation and wounds into wealth and wisdom.

You are here now, for such a time as this...

The Time is Now. Embrace Your Evolution. Your Queendom awaits.

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Sending love & light to you sis! <3