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Candace Mitchell


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A Place Where Women In Tech Can Be Cultivated, Educated, and Celebrated.

 About Candace Mitchell And Her Mission

Candace Mitchell, CEO, and Founder of Myavana and Forbes Under 30 Honoree has made it her purpose to inspire and support women in their professional endeavors by providing her wisdom and experience. As the author of self-development book, “The Shift,” Candace considers it her mission in life to advise women on how to advance past their struggles and exceed the potential that she knows ALL women are capable of fulfilling. Candace has had the opportunity to coach and mentor many entrepreneurial women in various stages of their business journey who are seeking succeed in their efforts to break the glass ceiling. After years of motivating her peers on an individual level, she is prepared to lead a nation of women in tech who aspire for greatness in an industry over saturated with their male counterparts.

"Now, more than ever, is a crucial moment in time where women have the perfect opportunity to pursue leadership roles in technology. There is so much support out there, and with the right tools and effective guidance, women can take the reigns of their careers and thrive in this male-dominated industry, if they so desire, and make their mark in the field by becoming leaders in technology."

About FemTech Nation

Femtech Nation is CHANGE
Founded by Candace Mitchell as a solution to the lack of female mentorship in the tech industry, Candace desires to help dissolve the self-doubt of her female peers as they take positions in an industry that currently lacks diversity. By providing women in tech with the counsel and encouragement they need to set out and create their own golden path, FemTech Nation proves to be a major game changer in how women take on the variety of challenges that come with being a woman in tech.

Femtech Nation is a MOVEMENT 
An internet hub of essential connections, resources, and encouragement that women in tech need to break through walls once impenetrable, Femtech Nation promotes the advancement of ALL women in tech, regardless of their differences and professional experience.

Femtech Nation is a COMMUNITY
We are organization that seeks to motivate and inspire women in the tech industry to reach beyond their wildest dreams and capture the success they once thought inaccessible. Whether you are an accomplished business owner or a newcomer that is seeking guidance, we are all in the same boat and need to support one another. FemTech Nation is designed to equip women in tech with the resources and the community they need to accomplish their goals and change the world for the better. 


FemTech Nation is kicking off this momentous movement with its educational series – FemTech Nation Academy – that consists of 5 courses that benefit women who wish to develop successful businesses.

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FemTech Nation Academy is the educational branch of FemTech Nation designed to equip women with the motivation and knowledge they need to advance their careers in tech. The academy consists of the 5 following courses that benefit women in tech who wish to develop successful businesses:

  • Gaining the Courage To Start

  • Getting From Idea To Startup

  • Growing From Startup To Established Business

  • Pitching and Fundraising

  • Personal Development

What can FemTech Nation Academy provide you?

Well The Three E's Of Course!



FREE Membership benefits : 

  • Free Monthly Master Classes on topics pertinent to women in tech

  • FREE FTM Quarterly Meetups Events for Networking & Empowerment Sessions with other women leaders in tech

  • FREE inspirational Live Chats with Candace Mitchell to grow personally as well as professionally

  • Access to FTN Academy which includes a variety of FREE and discounted resources for career, business and personal development