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How to embrace your flaws to create true change in your life

The path to experiencing a more abundant life is to look in the mirror. We all have flaws, shortcomings, and bad habits that we often ignore. Over time, it becomes methods of self-sabotage that prevent us from experiencing all that God has for us. During my reflection of change to improve my personal life, I had to look on the inside to understand what was holding me back.

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7 Shifts To Endure The Entrepreneurship Journey

Oftentimes, when we talk about succeeding as an entrepreneur, we talk about the funding, the team, the strategy, the product. But what about… Rarely do we talk about the personal growth that takes place along the way and the mindset that it takes to endure the entrepreneurship journey. As a founder who is 5 ½ years in the game, I’ve had my share of successes and I’ve had my share of failures. My journey has been very difficult but I will say that the one thing that has allowed me to persevere is making these shifts in every area of life along the way :

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