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My Life-Changing Trip To Africa

WOW.....that's all I can begin to say as I think about my recent voyage to the Motherland. I was part of a missions empowerment team with a divine assignment to spark leadership, entrepreneurship, and wellness in the nation of Uganda. We prepared for this trip for months to fulfill such a large vision. I led the planning for the Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and was extremely excited to impart wisdom and knowledge to begin lighting a path for new business creation. But what met me there on the continent was so much more……

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7 Shifts To Endure The Entrepreneurship Journey

Oftentimes, when we talk about succeeding as an entrepreneur, we talk about the funding, the team, the strategy, the product. But what about… Rarely do we talk about the personal growth that takes place along the way and the mindset that it takes to endure the entrepreneurship journey. As a founder who is 5 ½ years in the game, I’ve had my share of successes and I’ve had my share of failures. My journey has been very difficult but I will say that the one thing that has allowed me to persevere is making these shifts in every area of life along the way :

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Ascend2020 ATL Kicks Off With Inaugural Cohort For Minority Founders

Most startups fail within the first few years, so getting the kind of assistance that Ascend2020 offers is paramount for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.  For those chosen for the inaugural 2017 cohort, which comprises 30 startups, they also have the guidance of Entrepreneur-in-Residence Candace Mitchell who has been working on her company Myavana under the Techturized Inc. for the past five years.

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