My Life-Changing Trip To Africa

“God's plan is bigger than anything you can imagine”

WOW.....that's all I can begin to say as I think about my recent voyage to the Motherland. I was part of a missions empowerment team with a divine assignment to spark leadership, entrepreneurship, and wellness in the nation of Uganda. We prepared for this trip for months to fulfill such a large vision. I led the planning for the Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and was extremely excited to impart wisdom and knowledge to begin lighting a path for new business creation. But what met me there on the continent was so much more……


I felt God starting to speak to me in a different way. The feeling was similar to the essence of a full circle moment. I started my journey as an entrepreneur 7 years ago and felt this year to be “the year of completion” as the number 7 signifies, but it was the completion of the purpose that was ignited by one step of faith sitting in my apartment when I decided to give God my YES and start the business He placed on my heart during my college years. What I didn’t know was that it started a path that was destined for global impact. 

You never know what God is preparing you for, so trust the process. 

Our first couple of days in Africa we spent running errands, exchanging currency, purchasing the necessities, and doing as much sightseeing as the daylight would allow. We visited an orphanage that housed the most beautiful souls I’ve ever laid my eyes on -- over 300 orphans in need of love, stability, and improved living conditions. God began to open my eyes regarding how my success could have an even deeper impact and how my dreams were meant to be fruitful and multiply to benefit even more than what I initially imagined. We also went to The Innovation Village which is a business incubator in Kampala, Uganda. I was magically in the same room with the founder of The Innovation Village at an Economic Development Forum in Washington, D.C. just months prior so I knew that this was a divine connection being set up to continue connecting the dots in the areas of business & innovation for this special mission. I also met up with a Ugandan entrepreneur that I had the pleasure of coaching at a pitch competition sponsored by CARE USA just earlier this year, again a not-so-coincidental connection to a business based right there in Uganda. As I saw God connecting the dots right before my very eyes, I knew something supernatural was taking place. 

And who knows but that you have been created for such a time as this?


Our first event for this missions empowerment trip was the International Leadership Conference in which there were delegates from many African nations along with our dynamic, gifted team called to unleash greatness and reshape the identity of a nation that has adopted a poverty mindset, shackled with fear and hopelessness, yet has been positioned for a great awakening through the hearts and minds of the people gathered there. What I experienced, to my surprise, was not just a speaking opportunity, but a confirmation of an anointing in business. A Nigerian bishop there prophetically called me “The Lioness” and shared that I have been uniquely gifted to activate business leaders, awaken inner purpose, and generate wealth not only for myself but for every entrepreneur that I help. Wow, I knew that was a dream of mine but I saw it confirmed before my very eyes! God gave me words that I didn’t even practice or prepare for to speak life and abundance into the audience and shift them into their divine destiny. He showed me that seeds planted on this trip would create a domino effect that will empower the entire continent. He brought to my attention how every person he connected me with was a part of this wondrous work.


God gave every person unique gifts, talents, and experiences that can be monetized to serve others. YOU are a business.


By the time the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp began, I was filled with so much power and energy in knowing that all along over these years, I was being prepared to lead a nation into generating their own wealth and prosperity by standing on the principles of God’s word. My assignment was to help them see themselves as entrepreneurs, using their God-given gifts and talents to help start, launch, and grow sustainable businesses. I was able to provide exact business models to follow, answer questions that removed roadblocks, and provide clarity that unlocked new levels of vision and direction. I’m now training up hundreds of entrepreneurs in Uganda to transform a life of poverty into generational wealth by tapping into the natural resources of the land, the power of innovation, and the mental resources of knowledge, problem-solving ability, and creativity. I experienced being the direct answer to people’s prayers…..



And that’s not all. I heard God say DON’T STOP HERE! Not only are you called to equip the people sitting before you here in Uganda, but you’re also called to equip every person that you come in contact with that needs to hear this message. Not only have I given you the ability to build a global business, you are now planting businesses globally starting in Africa. There is more to your harvest and that’s through every person you’re connected to….




So when I went back to my hotel room that night, I opened my laptop to receive every bit of this divine download that He was sharing with me. It all came together in 2 simple words:




God has deposited some things in you….. ideas, dreams, visions, gifts, teachings, influence…. and you may not be fully using all that has been placed inside of you. He’s saying NOW is your harvest time. You planted seeds, you’ve sat around on it for a while, but now it’s time to implement a blueprint to birth your deepest dreams that will create wealth but, most importantly, start fulfilling the purpose in which you’ve been called to fulfill!


God has gifted you to solve a specific problem in society, create art that will uplift and inspire a generation, start a movement that will bring change and solutions to different facets of society, and more….

If God has placed a dream or vision on your heart that you have been waiting on for years to come to fruition and you’re ready for it to manifest now, IT’S HARVEST TIME! And God will send a person to help you birth it just as He sent our team on this missions empowerment trip to lead the re-birth of a nation….


 So let me ask you, are you READY to receive your harvest? 

If you are ready to move outside of your comfort zone and into a greater threshold of success, I’d love to know what you’re ready to birth, because NOW is the time! 


If you have a dream and need clarity, direction, encouragement, inspiration, a blueprint, a model to follow, and you don’t want to sit on your gifts another day, you are exactly who I am speaking to…



The visionary. A person thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom. Someone with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. Someone who thinks about the future in a creative and imaginative way. A person who is ahead of their time and who has a powerful plan for change in the future. The visionary understands the power of their dreams and how they see the world, filled with intuition, creativity, expansion and wants to collaborate with a like-minded BOLD visionary to bring that vision into reality and start walking out their purpose and live a life of prosperity. 


I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before in 2019. I’m going to CREATE with other like-minded VISIONARIES! I will personally invite and accept 20 people who want to go beyond where they’ve envisioned and receive a Blueprint To Birth Your Dreams & Visions in Business, The Arts, Non-Profit World, Books/Media, and more. More money, MORE vision, MORE FREEDOM to live out our purpose and earn a living through our gifts and talents. 


HARVEST TIME is open to anyone who has the courage and faith to say yes and take that first step towards bringing your vision to life. No need to go it alone. Partner with an EXPERT who has been divinely appointed to co-create with you and show you the way. 


This special group of visionaries will work directly with me for a period of 7 weeks. We will cover topics such as:

Gaining The Courage To Start, Getting From Idea To Startup (Product or Service), Go To Market Strategy, Growing From Startup To Established Business, Gaining Funding & Resources for Your Business, and Personal Development (How To Truly Thrive In Your Gifts).


We officially kick off The Harvest Time Visionary Coaching Group on Monday, August 5th! You can enroll using the button below.


If you’ve been wondering, “What’s next?,” “How do I really move this vision forward?” If you are READY to see your vision become a REALITY… if you are ready to open your heart and invest your effort in a brilliant mastermind community that serves your highest point of vision, creativity, and innovation while cultivating wealth, I invite you to believe in yourself and enroll in this opportunity that is calling you by name. IT'S HARVEST TIME! 


Wow, this trip to Africa activated me in new ways as a leader and expanded my vision to even higher levels. Thank you for allowing me to share my global journey with you. Now will you allow me to guide you on your journey to greatness? It could take you around the world as well :)



Candace Victoria