How to embrace your flaws to create true change in your life

The path to experiencing a more abundant life is to look in the mirror. We all have flaws, shortcomings, and bad habits that we often ignore. Over time, it becomes methods of self-sabotage that prevent us from experiencing all that God has for us. During my reflection of change to improve my personal life, I had to look on the inside to understand what was holding me back.

As you awaken on the inside, what you seek will manifest on the outside. I took an honest account of how I felt in every area of my life and gave myself a grade from A-F. We must recognize that how we perform in life stems from how we feel about ourselves. That is the foundation. Since I’m being honest and transparent, here’s how I scored:

Spiritually - B

Mentally - C

Emotionally - C

Physically - F

Financially - C

Take a pulse on these areas in your life and rate yourself. Then, take time to think about why you’ve rated yourself in the manner in which you did. Consider ways that you can take action for improvement and determine what’s the first step you can take starting today to be your best self. It can be things like having consistent morning devotional and prayer time, making space in your schedule for a romantic companion, getting in the gym more often, changing your diet, not procrastinating, creating a budget, etc. My improvements began mentally as I discovered the ways that I was limiting myself with defeating thoughts and how I constantly put myself last which damaged my health and well-being. I was also overworking and doing everything myself. That led to poor delegation, exhaustion, and disappointment. Once you determine the root of your actions, you’ll see how it affects every area of your life. But the good thing is addressing the root leads to instant improvement in every area of your life. Don’t be afraid to face the hard stuff. We may be bruised, but not broken. We can always be better and do better. Since then, I’ve changed my life dramatically and here’s now how I rate myself:

Spiritually - A

Mentally - A

Emotionally - A

Physically - B

Financially - B



I am becoming a better person everyday by making the shift from avoiding my flaws to embracing them for true change.


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