How To Network And Win The Room

I created a series called The 50 Seeds, a knowledge portal containing valuable lessons for the entrepreneurial journey. This project was inspired by all the emails I receive from current and aspiring entrepreneurs who just want the knowledge on how to get started and how to grow their ideas and businesses.

This used to be a weak area for me because I am SUCH an introvert! I have learned the art and joy of connecting with others that ease the process of networking and helps you form REAL relationships! I was soooo uncomfortable with having “small talk” but now I truly enjoy rich conversations with complete strangers that in turn become great business contacts.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. The goal is to be memorable and follow-up.

  2. Simplify it. Don’t overdue it by spitting out your whole resume or what you’re trying to get from them. Just focus on making a genuine connection with that person.

  3. Start a conversation by giving a compliment.

  4. Remember their name (always leaves a great impression)

  5. Get to know what they do and ask them how you can help them. Great way to create reciprocity.

These tips help create a willingness to hear about who you are, how they can help, but also how you can help them too. Make sure they remember you, lead with a firm handshake, have business cards/contact info ready, and walk in knowing how you can provide value…..

So, what are you waiting for? Get started growing your network. I hope this helps you connect the dots.

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