How To Succeed Against All Odds

I was talking to one of our investors one day during a typical check-in and he asked me a question that caught me by surprise. "What keeps you going?" he asked. Knowing the journey it’s been over the past 4 ½ almost 5 years building our company and the numerous challenges that we’ve had to overcome, I’m sure he’s constantly interested in how I’m even sane at this point. There are so many times I could have given up and failed, but then I never would have seen the Forbes Under 30 list, walk the red carpet with trailblazers at BET Honors, or work with amazing companies like Sephora. He went on to share about a study that was recently presented to him about startup success which reported that only 3% of entrepreneurs make it as far as we have. This percentage is even less when just looking at entrepreneurs of color. When he brought this up to me, it struck a cord in my heart in a very moving way. While you’re in the pursuit of living out your purpose and creating something great, you can feel that you’re breaking barriers and moving mountains, but it took this moment of reflection for me to just stop and reflect on 2 things:

  1. Thank God for His goodness, grace, and mercy. I’ve accomplished more than the numbers can show sometimes. I’m conquering a bigger battle.

  2. I need to share more about my experiences, the daily grind, and how to operate with a Courageous Victorious Mindset #thecvmlife

Thus this blog was born: Against All Odds.

How do you succeed when you’re against all odds? It takes a certain level of grit and virtue, faith and belief. But how do you fight these battles along the way? when the odds are stacked against you…….

My experiences are unique as a young black female tech entrepreneur. This unique intersection makes my chances to succeed (according to society) slim to none….but here I am. There is a lot behind this story. Being young, being black, being a female, being in tech, being an entrepreneur each have their own unique plight, but there is still a way to become more than a conqueror.

I’m going to share some lessons (the good, the bad, the ugly). Some things that come to mind are:

  • How I gained the courage to make the leap from Corporate America to full-time entrepreneurship

  • How we raised money in the beginning stages when so many investors told us no

  • How I overcame depression and anxiety while experiencing so much emotional stress

  • How to obtain a mindset of wealth when you’ve grown up in a low-mid income household

  • How to be real with yourself about the changes that you need to make personally to stop hindering your own success

  • How to rise up again after facing failures

  • How to not let doubt and fear paralyze you

  • How to create new technology and bring innovation to an industry

  • The list goes on…..

I’m here to be transparent in a way that can help you be successful against the odds in your life. How do you break free from old habits and behaviors that have been strongholds, crippling you from the destiny that you’re striving for? How do you overcome the paradigms in society that are not in the favor of minorities in several ways? That’s what we’re here to do.

If you haven’t read my first book yet, The Shift, it’s a must-read to set the foundation for the journey that you will take in your own life. My greatest desire is to see you walk in your purpose, overcome the personal hurts that you’ve internalized which may now be holding you back, and to specifically see women empowered in our gifts & talents and African-Americans empowered economically to birth our ideas and create more generational wealth.

What would you like me to write about? Share in the comments below. Let’s succeed against all odds together.


To fulfill your divine purpose
You’ve gotta answer when you’re called
So don’t be afraid to face the world
Against all odds.
— Yolanda Adams (Never Give Up)